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Via Pitagora, 2
Casnate con Bernate
(CO) 22070 - Italia
P. IVA IT09295970967


Villa Ada

  • Objectives

    In the historic prestigious villa by the sea it was necessary to realise and manage all the technological systems guaranteeing intelligent domestic functionality, respecting the elegant design of the interior and exterior, enhancing the use of the spaces and exciting the guests during their stay. We were also asked for a surveillance and access control system with high reliability and performance.

  • Concept

    The necessary components such as push-button panels and thermostats were custom-designed and made of materials that perfectly matched the furniture design. All sound systems had to have the lowest possible impact on the rooms. In order to offer a high level of comfort, it was decided to motorize curtains, mosquito nets and even the shutters. An entrance system with facial recognition was proposed, giving freedom to experience the outdoors and the beach without worrying about the key ring, and a surveillance system using cameras with thermal sensors to analyse selected areas in detail with the intelligence to assess certain situations.

  • Challenge

    Given the protection of fine arts on the historic villa, the installations had to respect many constraints. The lighting had to enhance the architecture, the use of spaces and guarantee the experience of living by the sea. The elegance of the furnishings could not be compromised by discordant elements. For total comfort, roofs, curtains and shutters needed convenient and reliable automation.

  • Results

    The result is an efficient, comfortable and exciting lifestyle. Programmed scenarios co-ordinate curtains, blinds, insect screens, daylight and lighting in perfect harmony with the use of space, and simple management from control devices enhances the perception of comfort. Entertainment is fun and engaging. Guests can comfortably relax in the outdoor spaces or on the beach, returning to the villa without keys. The surveillance system guarantees extreme security.

  • Garden (day)

    Garden (day)
    • Control system

      Full control of systems

      All the villa's technological systems are coordinated by a Savant supervisor with easy control via an app on personal mobile devices, remote control or touch panel, either by calling up customised scenarios or managing individual devices or zones.

    • External speakers

      Outdoor audio

      Weatherproof outdoor sound system consisting of an underground subwoofer and satellites staked out in the garden, which reduces the visual impact of the system while giving body and volume to the music in the room.

    • Pool closure

      Pool enclosure control

      Motorised pool enclosure awning operated via a control system. An eye for safety means that the system can only be operated when a user is actually present in the environment.

    • Cameras

      Thermal cameras

      The video surveillance and intrusion detection system of the villa and garden perimeter allows the cameras to be viewed remotely and from touch panels in the residence. Access to the villa is also allowed through a sophisticated facial recognition system. The use of cameras with thermal sensors and advanced video processing logic increases reliability, allowing false alarms to be eliminated in all light and weather conditions.

  • Garden (night)

    Garden (night)
    • Night lights

      Garden lighting

      The garden lighting is integrated into the Lutron control system with hourly programming of lights and scenes. All luminaires are weatherproof, dimmable and treated for highly saline environments to ensure durability.

    • Shutters

      Motorization of shutters

      Custom motors have been developed for the shutters, which, integrated into the control system, can be opened/closed automatically in synchrony with either the recall of a programmed scenario or remotely via an app when the owner is away.

  • Living room

    Living room
    • Speakers

      Hybrid Speakers and Custom Subwoofers

      Custom home theatre installation with Wisdom Audio bi-amplified speakers with magnetic planar drivers and custom JL Audio subwoofers, recessed and covered with acoustic cloth to match the décor that hides them in the bookcase. To create a system without impacting on the room's décor, the surround back speakers are also completely concealed in the walls.

    • Bar Cabinet

      Motorised control

      The automation that raises the retractable bar cabinet is operated via an app that also controls the lighting.

    • Invisible Speakers

      Invisible Speakers

      The surround back speakers of the Home Theatre system are made with speakers with planar emission flush in the walls, managed by amplification with specific DSP, which allow a pleasant cinematographic involvement without affecting the aesthetics of the room.

    • Curtains

      Actuators for motorisation

      The integration into the control system of motorised insect screens and external awnings allows them to be operated by recalling a scenario or by controlling them individually; they can also be closed automatically by means of a sensor in the event of rain or strong wind.

  • Kitchen

    • Interface

      Customised graphics

      The graphic interface of the Crestron touch panel has been completely customised to the customer's needs, to easily manage the desired scenarios, individual devices or all the separate areas of the villa, displaying cameras and alarms with excellent resolution. It is also possible to check the status and details of the plumbing, heating/cooling and swimming pool systems.

    • Switch

      Customised control panel

      A special push-button panel with levers, custom-made in the style and finish desired by the customer and designer, and integrated into the lighting control system to manage the various lighting fixtures or scenarios programmed in the room. The levers of the push-button panels can also be dedicated to other functions such as managing the music volume in the room, opening the shutters or other desired commands.

    • Counters' lights

      Internal door lighting

      The interior lighting of the wall cabinets is stripled 2700K, the lighting via the Lutron control system is independent and scenic, or automatic via magnetic contact on opening and fading with a time of your choice.

  • Bedroom

    • Custom switches

      Customised button panel

      Plates with the same finish as the custom push button panels.

    • EN Windows

      Fully concealed speakers and subwoofers

      In keeping with the classic elegance of the furnishings, the audio diffusion in the room is realised through four speakers with shaved planar emission and customised subwoofers completely concealed in the ceiling.

    • Shutters

      Motorised shutters

      Custom motors for sliding and swinging shutters are integrated into the control system and synchronised in movement. Controlled either individually or by recalling a programmed scenario, or even remotely via an app when the owner is away.

  • Bathroom

    • Customised switches

      Customised push-button panel

      A special push-button panel with levers, custom-made with the style and finish desired by the customer and designer, and integrated into the lighting control system to manage the various lighting fixtures, motorised mosquito nets or scenarios programmed in the room. The levers of the push-button panels can also be dedicated to other functions such as managing the music volume in the room, opening the shutters or other desired commands.

    • Decorative wall

      Marble wall backlit

      The LED backlighting of the marble wall has been integrated into the Lutron lighting control system to create suggestive and relaxing scenarios through dimming.

  • Tower

    • Thermostat

      Custom thermostat

      The thermostat has been customised in the finish to match the residence's custom buttons, and integrated into the control system.

    • Curtains

      Motorised blinds

      Lutron motorised roller blinds integrated into the lighting control system were used to manage the natural light. The ascent and descent is synchronised on the three windowed sides of the colonnade, enhancing the impressive view of the sea.