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Via Pitagora, 2
Casnate con Bernate
(CO) 22070 - Italia
P. IVA IT09295970967


Torre Solaria

  • Objectives

    Within the project of a luxury apartment in the heart of Milan, designed by Arch. Emanuela Esposito, we were asked to create electrical systems, special, security and temperature control, which would manage underfloor heating, air conditioning and dehumidification; sound distribution in all rooms, with particular respect for the design of the furniture and attention to the high performance desired by the customer in the Home Theatre area.

  • Concept

    Particular care has been devoted to the design of wall-mounted devices such as push-button panels and thermostats. The components have been made ad hoc, tailor-made and designed in collaboration with the design studio.

  • Challenge

    We could not intervene on the existing floors for the new plant, so for the development of the project we used only the ceilings.
    In accordance with the interior design, the sound diffusion in all the rooms has been concealed in the ceilings.
    Given the presence of large windows it was necessary to pay attention to the correct mix of natural light and lighting, coordinating scenarios, dimming and curtain control.
    Regarding the Home Theatre, given the presence of large glass walls, it was necessary to use a large screen with high brightness and resolution, also studying the dedicated ventilation system for its cooling.

  • Results

    We coordinated all technological systems, through Savant integrated control system, with an easy graphic interface usable from remote controls or mobile devices of the customer.
    In order to make the environment elegant and functional, we have used full retractable speakers to sonorize the rooms equalizing the sounds with dedicated digital processors, custom push button panels and related finishes for sockets and thermostats following the design of the furniture, motorized curtains to manage natural light.
    We have also created a state-of-the-art multimedia room by installing Samsung The Wall 145" with dedicated ventilation, complemented by a Dolby Atmos system with speakers desired by the customer, amplifying them through new generation processor and amplifiers.
    All scenarios have been finalized so that they fit perfectly with the customer's daily use of the various rooms in the house, ensuring total comfort.

  • Living Room

    Living Room
    • The Wall

      Home Theatre

      Home theater system that allows you to live an immersive cinema experience in the living room. Made with LED wall Samsung The Wall Luxury series 145 ", cooled by split air conditioning dedicated and automatically controlled at the on / off screen.

    • Curtains

      Natural Lighting Control

      Lutron motorized blinds system integrated into the home control system that allows for efficient management of ambient lighting, perfect up/down alignment, and coordinated scenarios for home theater enjoyment.

    • Bar counter

      Glass partition

      Integration and control of a motorized glass partition inserted in the bar cabinet, which allows to isolate the open kitchen from the living room. An eye for safety allows to move the system only with the actual presence of a user in the environment.

    • Remote control

      Integrated control

      The Savant control center allows easy operation of all systems via personal mobile devices or remote control, either by invoking custom global scenarios or at the individual device or room management level.

    • Loudspeakers


      Audio system for Home Theatre realized with the use of speakers Bower & Wilkins 800 Series and Nad Master Series electronics of the latest generation that manage amplification and content while maintaining the highest quality of reproduction.

  • Studio

    • Bookcase lights

      Bookcase Lighting

      Through the careful positioning of stripled inside the bookcase furniture, the environment comes to life with scenic effect. The Lutron lighting control system allows you to decide the intensity and shade you like for each of the light points.

    • Piano Bar Lights

      Backlighting alabaster top

      Through stripled under the alabaster top managed by the control system we have created a suggestive effect in the cabinet bar.

    • Ceiling speakers

      Planar invisible speakers

      Sound diffusion system with total disappearance in the ceiling, realized with speakers with planar emission, governed by amplification with specific DSP, which allow a pleasant listening without affecting the aesthetics of the environment.

    • Keypad

      Custom push-button panel

      All the push-button panels of the residence have been realized on a completely customized project, in agreement with the architect and the client, design, serigraphy, backlighting and finishes have been defined.

    • Battery

      Audio integration

      Through the Savant control system, we enable you to listen to music from shared audio sources directly through headphones in the drum area, or turn your instrument into a system audio source that can be heard in any area.

  • Bedroom

    • Customized button panel

      Custom push-button panel

      All the push-button panels of the residence have been realized on a completely customized project, in agreement with the architect and the client, design, serigraphy, backlighting and finishes have been defined.

    • Television

      Motorized television

      The television is completely invisible when not in use, through two different automations Future Automation coordinated with extreme precision, the picture moves upward, the TV comes out of the niche and rotates to position itself at the most comfortable angle for viewing from the bed. Thanks to the Savant control system, everything is managed at the touch of a button on the remote control.

    • Curtains

      Natural Lighting Control

      System of motorized blinds integrated in the control system of the house that allows the efficient management of ambient lighting and the perfect alignment up and down. The choice of the correct fabric for each room ensures from simple light filtering to complete darkening of the room.

  • Terrace

    • Outdoor Speakers

      Outdoor sound system

      Outdoor weatherproof audio system, consisting of an underground subwoofer and satellites staked in the pots, which reduces the visual impact of the system while giving body and volume to the music in the room.

    • Curtains

      Integrated external blinds

      External blinds integrated in the control system and in the scenarios of the house, with automatic closing system in case of excessive wind.

    • Weather Probe

      Weather probe

      Probe for monitoring the intensity of wind and rain, which activates the automatic closing of blinds in case of excessive wind or motorized windows in case of rain.