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Via Pitagora, 2
Casnate con Bernate
(CO) 22070 - Italia
P. IVA IT09295970967


Spazio Neven

  • Objectives

    The conversion of the suggestive large room of the Sironi hall in the "Palazzo Dell’Informazione", into an innovative, multifunctional and exciting space, able to show guests the potential of the management, control and entertainment systems created by Neven. The aim was to interactively involve visitors by highlighting the technical skills in coordinating lighting, curtains, audio/video, presence sensors, with the possibility of adapting the reception to different events. Last but not least, redesigning the correct lighting to enhance Mario Sironi's historic 12x8 meter mosaic created in 1936, which was also presented at the 1937 Universal Exhibition in Paris.

  • Concept

    The idea was to create an interactive system that could automatically detect guests and guide them through lighting, images and sounds in an innovative multisensory journey. This by combining the historic Sironi mosaic with the new multimedia mosaic concept of Samsung The Wall, an innovative customized Led Wall technology, which is made up of various micro led panels that can be placed side by side. But also by creating a high-level audio system, suitable for the enormous size of the room, to excite guests. The lighting on the mosaic wall was renewed to ensure a correct view, also by means of new motorised blinds on the large windows of the opposite wall.

  • Challenge

    We used innovative software and cameras with thermal sensors to identify the number of visitors and their movements in the space, automatically activating different scenarios composed of engaging lights, images and sounds. On the wall opposite the mosaic with huge 4-meter high windows, we installed new Lutron motorized blackout curtains, correctly mixing the natural light of the various phases of the day with the new lighting of the mosaic, created with iGuzzini projectors, also controllable by the Lutron system. It was necessary to design a new wall to install the large Led Wall, able to hide a technical area to house all the electronics and wiring. All this by respecting the historical hall.

  • Results

    The magnificence of the hall and the mosaic shine thanks to the new lighting and curtains. The space is multifunctional, and adaptable to the various events to be hosted. Visitors descending the stairs, depending on their movements, are guided on an exciting multimedia journey through an automatic change of scenarios. The audio-video performance is very high thanks to the 145” Samsung The Wall, which is supported by a bi-amplified audio system of Wisdom Audio line source speakers with JL Audio Gotham V2 top-level subwoofer. The involvement is total, the sensations unique, the narration transports smoothly from the past to the future, in total respect of an environment that is part of the history.

  • Sala Sironi

    Sala Sironi
    • Welcome

      Camera with thermal sensor and matching scenarios

      As they descend the stairs, visitors are directed through the detection of a temperature sensor into the space with an automatic change of scenarios, coordinated according to their position. Lights, images and sounds guide them to discover the space and the technology present.

    • Art Island

      Combining Art and Audio-Video Experience

      Thanks to the very high resolution and color range of Samsung The Wall, it is possible to view large-format works of art with impressive detail. In the presence of the historic mosaic it is decidedly exciting to experience paintings and works of art reproduced so faithfully as to seem real.

    • Entertainment Island

      A 360° degrees audio video experience

      The large 145 ”Samsung The Wall screen integrated with a Kaleidescape video server allows us to enjoy the masterpieces of cinema, historical documentaries and concerts, with very high resolution and detail. The audio system composed of Wisdom Audio Line Source bi-amplified speakers with magnetic planar driver and JL Audio Gotham V2 top level subwoofer, offers impressive realism and total involvement.

    • Relax Island

      A window into the world

      Thanks to the realism allowed by the big screen and the remarkable sound system, it is easy to abandon yourself to the feeling of being in a remote place, in the middle of a tropical forest, or in a loft in Central Park… The suggestions to experience are endless.

    • Remote control

      Control system

      The Savant supervision and management system allows you to control all the technology in the room, integrating the Lutron light and curtain system and the audio video system. The user interface is easy and intuitive, and can be used from the remote control or app on mobile devices.

    • Sironi's Mosaic

      New life to history

      The renovation of the mosaic lighting system was carried out with iGuzzini ceiling projectors controlled by the Lutron system, giving uniform light to the huge 12x8 meter surface or selectively highlighting some details of the 1936 work that represents corporate Italy.