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Via Pitagora, 2
Casnate con Bernate
(CO) 22070 - Italia
P. IVA IT09295970967


Spa - Studio Svetle

  • Objectives

    The basement rooms of Studio Svetle, had to be completely renovated, daseb on tge design of Arch. Emanuela Esposito, starting with the complete makeover of the electrical system, it was necessary to create a system for integrating the various equipment for wellness treatments and for managing the lighting and thermoregulation of the luxurious spa. We wanted to create suggestive scenarios with adjustable light on different shades, guarantee a suitable climate for the best comfort in each area, manage the diffusion of background music and an easy-to-use interface on the control touch panels.

  • Concept

    We wanted to enhance the exposed brick vaults and the sophisticated furniture through innovative Tunable White and DimToWarm lighting technologies, which offer a particular regulation and tone of light, effectively managing dimming and scenarios through a Lutron system. We ought to realise a music diffusion through speakers that would not visually impact the furniture, with an easy choice of different audio sources, and separately adjustable volume in each environment. Providing a comfortable climate and intuitive management for guests, both of the environment and of all wellness treatments.

  • Challenge

    In order to preserve the brick vaults, all the installations could only occupy certain walls and floors. A particular need was to be able to maintain a higher comfort temperature in the swimming pool area, independent of external weather conditions and the heating/cooling of the other rooms. It was necessary to use special devices in some of the rooms that were suitable for humid and corrosive conditions.
    The project involved the management of the various equipment and spa cabins of different suppliers (showers, Turkish bath, sauna, reaction baths, swimming pool with hydromassage and counter-current swimming, etc.) through the touch panel, with full control of all adjustments, to offer maximum comfort and well-being.

  • Results

    The scenarios with different shades and intensities of the light guide the guests through elegant and relaxing environments, every detail of the vaults and the furniture is reflected in a play of mirrors that increases the perception of space.
    The swimming pool area is very suggestive with shades that enhance the marble wall and the fireplace. The diffused music and the comfortable climate offer total relaxation. The easy use of all the spa services, also via touch panel and smartphone, allows the guest to regenerate completely, forgetting about the city outside.

  • Gym

    • Touch Panel

      Customized control panel

      The Savant touch panel has been customized to the customer's needs, to easily manage desired scenarios, multiroom audio, individual devices or all separate zones of the spa. You can clearly and intuitively manage lighting, music, climate and enjoy all the amenities.

    • Lighting

      Stripled ambient lighting

      To enhance the brick vaults and decorative panels, were placed stripled Tunable White with the ability to adjust the color temperature between 1800 and 2700K, creating through the Lutron control system relaxing and evocative scenarios. 

    • Speaker

      Multiroom audio

      Audio diffusion in the gym is entrusted to four mini-speakers, customized with canvas in the same color of the furniture, and to a hidden sub-woofer. Through the Savant control system you can manage different audio sources, streaming services, and independently adjust each zone and its volume. 


  • Relaxation area

    Relaxation area
    • Lighting

      Stripled for tisaneria cabinet

      The tea cabinet next to the sofas has been illuminated by stripled Tunable White with the possibility to adjust the color temperature between 1800/ and 2700K. The scenarios with various shades managed by the Lutron lighting control system offer a relaxing feeling, and create depth and perspective in the furniture. 

    • Hideaway speaker

      Multiroom Audio

      In the dark wall under the vaults we installed invisible planar speakers, amplified with a dedicated sound processor, which are also managed in the audio multiroom by the Savant control system. 

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool
    • Swimming pool scenarios

      Lighting control system

      We created a number of suggestive scenarios for the pool area, coordinating the interior pool lighting, ambient lighting, and fireplace switching on/off with the Lutron system. The Savant control system allows easy use via app on mobile devices, which is integrated also with the management of the motorised pool cover. 


    • Pool functionality

      Integration of control commands

      All pool functions such as counter-current swimming, hydromassage, temperature control, as well as special buttons are also easily controlled through the Savant control system either from the touch panel or via apps on mobile devices. 

    • Sauna

      Lighting and control

      The lighting is stripled Tunable White IP67 with colour adjustment from 1800 to 2700K. All sauna functions have been integrated into the Savant control system for easy operation from the touch panel or mobile devices. 


    • Showers

      Music, light, colour and temperature

      The music in the shower with chromotherapy is controlled by special concealed audio transducers, which, equalised with dedicated sound processors, literally make the marble walls ring. We have also created special custom finishes in the niche and a regulation system for ice production, all automatically managed by the control system.  

    • Turkish bath

      Lighting and control

      The lighting was created using IP67 Tunable White stripled lighting with colour tone adjustment from 1800 to 2700K. All functions of the Turkish bath have been integrated into the Savant control system for easy operation from the touch panel or mobile devices. 


    • Wall lighting

      DimToWarm wall washer spotlights

      To enhance the walls made of high-quality, hand-decorated metal panels, we chose special spotlights that allow an angled cone of light, diffusing the light only on the walls and not on the floor. These spotlights use the innovative DimToWarm LED technology, which causes the light to change colour temperature during dimming, as would happen with the use of old halogen lamps but with a much greener approach.